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Shutter Count Canon EOS 450D, 1000D, 400D

I bought Canon EOS 450D in September 2008, current shutter count of my camera was about 15,832. When I tried to find standard Shutter Count for Canon EOS 450D in the Canon website, I didn't find any statement related to Shutter Count. But lucky i found the data survey of Shutter Count Camera. From the survey, average number was 12,286 for shutter died. Well, my camera has already passed the average Shutter life time based on this survey. However, the highest number of Shutter Count was 53,220. Still hoping for the best, based on this survey the survival estimation for this camera to reach 53,220 was 78 %. Well, it is still promising percentage I guess :).


Chart For Canon EOS 450D

As comparison i took the data of Canon EOS 1000D bellow. Wow.. amazing the average number of actuation after which shutter is still alive was 166,396. And the maximum click was above 5,000,000 (is it possible?). But if we look to the detail data above 50,000 only 5 data. Well, maybe this data is not valid, because this survey was taken from volunteer from internet, and there is no data verification, anybody can participate in the survey, just input the data. If we eliminate the data above 50,000 then the Shutter Count for Canon EOS 1000D will be similar to Canon EOS 450D.


Chart For Canon EOS 1000D
Well, lets see the oldest brother of EOS XXXD series, which is Canon EOS 400D. The data should be more reliable as this camera is much older than Canon EOS 450D or Canon EOS 1000D. Hemm 28,552 Shutter to die. He he not too bad.
  Chart For Canon EOS 400D

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