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How to check shutter Count DSLR Camera

We are still talking about shutter count. In this article i would like to share how to check Shutter Count of Nikon Camera and Canon EOS Series. Usually we can check shutter count of camera by analyzing EXIF data of last image captured by the camera. We can use Opanda, or other EXIF software. An exception for Canon EOS series, exif data of image from Canon EOS series didn't store information about shutter count number. For this case we can't analyze the image, we need to connect the camera to laptop or PC and using EOSInfo we can check the shutter count number.

How to check Shutter Count of Nikon DSLR ?
For example i will use an image form Nikon D80. Other type of Nikon series are similar. There are two thing we need here before checking the shutter count of Nikon DLSR.
  1. Original image fresh from camera (JPG)
  2. EXIF viewer software, in this case we will use Opanda Iexif 2 that can be downloaded freely in here.
Please remember to analyze original image from camera only, image that has already processed in image editor software can't be used. The steps to check shutter count of Nikon DSLR camera as follow:
  • Install Opanda Iexif2
  • Open Opanda Iexif2
  • Open original image fresh from camera
  • Scroll to the bottom and look for "Total Number Releases for Camera"
  • And the total number of shutter releasese for camera are 2963
How to check Shutter Count of Canon EOS series (Canon EOS 450D)
For example i will use image from Canon EOS 450D. In this case we didn't need any picture from camera, we just need a software to analyze the shutter count of the camera. There are several software that can be used. I prefer to use EOSInfo, the software can be dowloaded here (only 1.15 MB). After installation, connect the camera to PC or laptop and run Canon EOSInfo.
We can see that the shutter count of this camera was 15,832

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