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About Shutter Count DSLR

What is Shutter Count?
Simply, Shutter Count stated the number of shot that we've taken using our camera. When we press the shutter release button actually  we added one number Shutter Count in our camera. 
So why is so important?
Actually it's not so that important, but it's good to have knowledge about Shutter Count. By having this knowledge we will aware how many Shots taken since the first time we use the camera. It's like a milestone in
our photography learning session. The more photos we take, should have better image quality we get. Many people also saw Shutter Count as parameter representing life time of camera. Actually this opinion is not absolutely true. Indeed Shutter Count has a life time, but we still can replace it with new Shutter Count when it's broken. Even though, this information is very important for those who want to buy camera in used condition. You'd better check Camera Shutter Count before you buy used camera.
What will be happen when shutter count is run out?
You can't release the shutter. Sometime the shutter hanging in a half of photo frame, you'll get a half dark photo in the top. When it's happening, you should change your Shutter.
So How Many Shutter Count Maximum We got?
It's difficult to answer. Different camera will have different number. Usually camera vendor will give shutter life approximation in their product press release. For example for Nikon D300, the camera's shutter mechanism is tested up to 150,000 cycle. See here for Nikon D300 press release. Unfortunately i didn't found for Canon product press release. They did't say anything about Shutter Count life. But we can conduct a survey on DSLR user and asked them their camera Shutter Count. Lucky we are, some people has already did the job. Wait for the next posting.

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